Tokushima Regional AWA Chicken
What is AWA Chicken(Awaodori)?

Awaodori(Local Chicken)

This chicken derives its name from their characteristic long tail feathers and from the Awa Odori (an annual festival that takes place every year in Tokushima Prefecture from August 12 to 15).
It has a sweet and rich flavor that only comes from naturally grown chicken and boasts the number one production volume for local chicken in all of Japan.

Major production areas

Mima City, Kaiyo Town, Anan City in Tokushima Prefecture.

Awaodori Roppongi
Access Information


#B1 A-bambiru 7-13-2 Roppongi
Minato-ku Tokyo-to
Phone 050-7542-3383

Opening hours

Mon.-Fri. eleven am to three pm.
Mon.-Fri. and the day before national holidays five pm to five am
Sat. Sun. and holidays eleven am to twelve am

Food Menu
High Quality Bincho Charcoal Used.

Assorted Platter ¥1,890

A La Carte

Thigh ¥350
Chicken with Green Onion ¥350
Heart ¥300
Heart Pulse ¥300
Skin ¥300
Gizzard ¥290
Liver ¥300
Chicken Tail ¥300
Chicken Meatball ¥350

Charcoal Grilled (Special)

AWAO Chicken Rolling Grill ¥1490

Raw Fish

3 Kinds of Sashimi ¥1800
Tuna Sashimi ¥1400

Exclusive and Homemade

AWA Chicken Egg Omelet ¥790
Deep Fried AWA Chicken ¥790
Marinated AWA Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce ¥890
Cream Cheese Egg Yolk Marinated with Miso ¥900


Chicken Okonomiyaki ¥1280
Chicken TonpeiYaki
Tonpei Yaki is an Osaka classic dish and a like a rolled up egg pancake.
Chicken Dashi Yaki Soba ¥890

Finish of the Meal

Boiled Rice Soaked with Tea and Chicken Soup Stock. ¥880
Rice with Raw Egg(Tamago Kake Rice) ¥580

Drink Menu


Draft Beer-Extra Cold Asahi Super Dry ¥650 Bottled Beer Asahi Super Dry ¥690


Taketsuru Highball ¥650 Chita Highball ¥690
Hakushu Highball ¥790 Yamazaki Highball ¥790
Hibiki Highball ¥990    

Well selected Sakes by the Manager

The price is for 90ml (Half of Ichigou).

Hiroki Junmai Daiginjo (Fukushima Prefecture) ¥1,800 Dassai Sanwari Kyubu(Ymaguchi Prefecture) ¥1,500
Dassai Niwari Sanbu(Yamaguchi Prefecture) ¥2,000 Aramasa No.6(Akita Prefecture) ¥1,800
Kokuryu Icchorai(Fukui Prefecture) ¥1,400 Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo(Fukui Prefecture) ¥1,600
Densyu Junmai Daiginjo (Aomori Prefecture) ¥1,800 Ultra Sawaya Matumoto Ultra(Wakayama Prefecture) ¥1,300

We serve 180ml(Ichigou) or 360ml(Nigou) if you prefer.

Bottle List(720ml)

We sell some exclusive bottles, difficult to obtain in other restaurants. Enjoy fresh aroma of Sake.

Hokusetu YK 35 Daiginjo/ Niigata Prefecture
Enjoy harmony of rich and delicate aroma of Sake.
¥20,000 Hiroki Junmai Daiginjo/Fukushima Prefecture
You can scent elegant flavor with a hint of Fruit.
Sawaya Matumoto SAIDO/ Wakayama Prefecture
This Sake is made from the Best Rice, Yamada-Nishiki No.1290.
¥20,000 Aramasa No.6/ Akita Prefecture
The Sake has a full-body but has crisp finish.

HOT ITEM-Dassai-

Dassai Sanwari Kyubu/Yamguchi Prefecture
The long aftertaste is sweet like honey.
¥12,000 Dassai Niwari Sanbu/Yamaguchi Prefecture
A rich sake with strong aroma like fruit and flower.
Dassai Sonosakie/ Yamaguchi Prefecture
Mr.Abe, Japanese Prime Minister, gave this bottle to Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the U.S. in 2014.
Mr. Obama loved and chose this sake as the official drink for toast in a dinner party.
We can prepare these Sake bottles as a gift for your friends and family.


阿波尾鶏 六本木店

阿波尾鶏 六本木店

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ランチ 11:00〜15:00

ディナー 17:00〜翌5:00